We should ponder upon the incident of the massive rain storm that occurred recently in Arafah. Such a disaster had never ever happened before especially in the centre of worship in Arafah. WUKUF in Arafah as we know is the most significant worship of HAJJ. No WUKUF simply means no HAJJ for us. 

In the Holy City of Mekah, Allah does not judge our status,title,descent and affluence but instead Allah looks at our sincerity, Tauhid towards Him, our beliefs and practice based on Al-Quran and Sunnah as well as our faith to Him. 

Why did Allah send such a disaster that virtually all of us witnessed when the most crucial day of worship was merely a couple of days away while Allah knows Wukuf is the most important day of worship for Muslims in performing HAJJ. Could that possibly be a sign and a reminder for all of us?

Imagine if such a tragedy persist, what would happen to the congregation this year.   It's not that we wish it to happen but I feel it must have been a reminder for us. During this rain & storm people panicked and were  apprehensive. at the same time let us examine what happened to our Muslim brothers in Egypt and Syria in a civil war in which Muslims are brutally killed by Muslims.Why doesn't Allah deployed His army or a Savior to fight and save the Muslims in Syria and Egypt as well as other Islamic states at war.Could it be a disaster sent by Allah to them and a reminder to us and to the Muslims across the world as a result of being negligent and deviated from Al-Quran and Sunnah.
Let us together strengthen the Tauhid for ourselves, our family as well as our society as a whole by making an effort to recite the dzikir of : 

'la'illah ha'illallah muhammada rasullallah' 


And 'selawat'

While at the same time practice what has been written in Al-Quran and Hadith as a guide to our daily lives.Hopefully by doing that our hearts become connected leading to the Unity Of Ummah. Not through politics indeed. As civilians how can we help our fellow Muslims in Syria and Egypt ? Of course we are incapable.We may not be as mentally and physically strong as the middle east people who have extraordinary strength in battling and restoring the greatest of Islamic nations. 
However, with internet access, we could at least play a part in spreading reminders to all mankind.
we could also pray that Allah send us a savior to help us out and to restore the religion of Islam to the earth.

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Langit yang tujuh dan bumi serta sekalian makhluk yang ada padanya, sentiasa mengucap tasbih bagi Allah; dan tiada sesuatupun melainkan bertasbih dengan memujiNya; akan tetapi kamu tidak faham akan tasbih mereka. Sesungguhnya Ia adalah Maha Penyabar, lagi Maha Pengampun. (Al-Israa' 17:44)

aku adalah sepertimana sangkaan hambaku dan aku bersama denganya ketika ia mengingati aku .jika ia ingat kepada aku di dalam hatinya ,aku ingat kepadanya di dalam hati ku .dan jika ia ingat kepada ku di khalayak ramai ,nescaya aku pun ingat kepadanya dalam khalayak ramai yang lebih baik .dan jika ia mendekati kepada ku sejengkal ,aku pun mendekatinya sehasta .dan jika ia mendekati ku sehasta ,nescaya aku mendekatinya sedepa .dan jika ia datang kepada ku berjalan ,maka aku datang kepadanya sambil berlari
(hadis qudsi riwayat syaikhan dan tarmizi dari abu hurairah ra)

"(Iaitu) orang-orang yang beriman dan tenang tenteram hati mereka dengan zikrullah". Ketahuilah dengan "zikrullah" itu, tenang tenteramlah hati manusia.(Ar-Ra'd 13:28)

Oleh itu ingatlah kamu kepadaKu (dengan mematuhi hukum dan undang-undangKu), supaya Aku membalas kamu dengan kebaikan; dan bersyukurlah kamu kepadaKu dan janganlah kamu kufur (akan nikmatKu).(Al-Baqarah 2:152)

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